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LeBron James Could Leave Los Angeles Lakers To Play With Bronny James: "If That Situation Is Available Outside L.A., He'll Pursue It."

LeBron James and Bronny James

LeBron James chose to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers after the 2017-18 season, and his tenure in Los Angeles has definitely been successful. They won the 2019-20 championship under his leadership, and he has played at a very high level during his time on the franchise.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a disappointing season this year though, and it seems as though there is a chance that he will leave the franchise. Chris Sheridan Of MaximBet has relayed the words of Brian Windhorst, who claimed that LeBron James could leave the Lakers if that means getting to play with his son Bronny James.

His son, Bronny, is a junior on the Sierra Canyon H.S. team and a 5-star recruit ranked 49th in his class by ESPN. It makes sense on many levels to assume that LeBron will spend the remainder of this season and all of next season with the Lakers so that he can be close to his son all the way through high school.

But after June of 2023 has come and gone (and James’ current contract with the Lakers will have expired), there could be a new destination on James’ landscape … provided he has not already switched teams prior to that in order to increase his chances of winning another title.

“LeBron likes L.A., he likes raising his family in L.A., and his post-career businesses are in L.A.,” ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst told me. “But he’s made it very clear that he wants to play with his son. If that situation is available outside L.A., he’ll pursue it.”

It remains to be seen if LeBron James does in fact decide to leave Los Angeles. He's in a relatively good situation with a top-tier co-star in Anthony Davis. With that being said, LeBron James has previously stated that he thinks about playing with Bronny in the NBA, so perhaps him leaving is a real possibility.

As of now though, LeBron James' goal will be to win another championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are a play-in tier team thus far, but maybe they can go on a winning run over the rest of the season and change that.