LeBron James Defends Himself And Pushes Fan At Usher Concert

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LeBron James Defends Himself And Pushes Fan At Usher Concert

LeBron James is one of the biggest public figures in the entire world. So it comes as o surprise that wherever he goes, there is a lot of fanfare involved. James is a very popular athlete, who can constantly be seen attending events throughout Los Angeles. For the most part, James has shown great appreciation for his fan base and tries to interact with them as best possible, whether it be through social media or in real life interactions. James is often lauded for his ability to engage and interact his fanbase through the course of his career. But sometimes, fans can cross the line, and try to get the attention of celebrities such as James in highly inappropriate ways.

This is exactly what happened this week when LeBron James was attending a concert by pop star Usher. James was exiting the venue when a fan inappropriately charged LeBron James. James, naturally, was a little taken aback. And responded by lightly pushing the fan out of his way in order to protect himself. It was a completely inappropriate way to approach James, who was clearly there to enjoy himself and have a good time on the show. 

And James was completely in the right to do what he did, as he was only protecting himself, and did nothing to physically harm the fan. Fans on Twitter did not take well to this clip, as people have chosen to bash the fan for doing what he did. Some, on the other hand, have also criticized LeBron for being unapproachable for fans and pushing them away.

While some fans had a humorous take on the incident, James will not be happy with the situation (and rightfully so). LeBron had no reason to be bothered like that while he was on his own time attending a show for his own enjoyment. And this fan should have never been so aggressive as to run at James. It'll be interesting to see if anything more comes of this situation.