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LeBron James On Loss To Blazers: "I'm Tired As Hell..."

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In what may be the lowest point of the season, a Lakers team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis just lost to a Blazers squad that looked more like a G-League team than anything else.

Without Russell Westbrook to blame (who missed the game due to lower back tightness), a dejected squad emerged from the court with no answers on how to stop the bleeding.

 Once he finally appeared in front of the media, LeBron James spoke candidly about his mindset after the heartbreaking loss.

"Obviously it's a tough loss. I'm tired as hell, I just want to drink some wine and get in bed," LeBron adds. "I'm sleepy. Tired."

James has been saying and doing all the right things since the season began back in October. Instead of throwing Russell Westbrook under the bus, like countless others, he has only preached unity.

“We all in the foxhole together," James said a few days ago. "There is not one guy who is doing it by themself. There’s not one guy you can blame over another guy. There’s not one guy who gets the praise over another guy. When we lose, we all lose. When we win, we all win.”

Unfortunately, not even James' leadership seems to be enough to flip the switch this time.

Tonight's defeat put the Lakers 4 games below .500 in an unforgiving West brimming with talent and teams ready to prove themselves. Even if the Lakers win the play-in game, and get into the playoffs, they will face an uphill battle getting through higher seeds without home-court advantage.

With no easy path to trading Russell Westbrook, or anyone else for that matter, the Purple and Gold can't even rely on a mid-season trade to save their season.

Needless to say, these are dark times for the Lakeshow and even King James can't help but admit he's getting tired of the fight.