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LeBron James On The Upcoming Trade Deadline: "If You Have An Opportunity To Get Better, No One Turns That Down.”

LeBron James

There are just a few days to go before the NBA trade deadline hits, and the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to consider all options in their bid to improve the team.

With everyone but LeBron James and Anthony Davis seemingly available, there is a decent chance the Purple and Gold make a series of moves before the window closes.

While 4x Champion LeBron James is all for keeping the guys he's got, even he did not deny that changes could be made. Speaking to the media Monday, here's what 'the King' had to say regarding the upcoming trade deadline:

(via Yahoo! Sports)

“I’ve always felt like, listen, I don’t really like to play fantasy basketball, so this is the group that we have going into the deadline, then we’ll be ready to take on all challenges that this season has given us,” James said. “I say this every year, if there’s an opportunity to get better, then you explore those options. I’ve been like that my whole career. I’ve said it over and over. If you have an opportunity to get better, no one turns that down… And if not, then you rock and roll with what you got.”

LeBron has never been one to give up on his teammates, but he has been part of a mass exodus before.

During LeBron's last year in Cleveland, the Cavaliers traded a large chunk of their players in response to an underwhelming campaign. As the star and leader of the team, James obviously had a say in how that whole ordeal played out.

Now, something similar could be happening again if L.A. can find a deal that works for them.

At 26-28 on the season, the Purple and Gold are far from where they hoped they'd be, and a roster overhaul may be the only way to turn their fortunes around.

It remains to be seen what the Lakers can pull off over the next few days, or if any of their moves would even make the team any better. But, at the very least, LeBron is not against making a trade, and that could be a hint as to the mindset of the front office this week.