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LeBron James Proposed A Russell Westbrook For Ben Simmons Trade In The 2019 All-Star Draft

LeBron James Proposed A Russell Westbrook For Ben Simmons Trade In The 2019 All-Star Draft

LeBron James is often criticized for reports suggesting he has a bigger impact on his team's decision-making process than other stars. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar had this clout in Miami, during his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers and now fans are convinced he's in a similar position with the Lakers. 

In recent days, reports suggesting the Purple and Gold are interesting in a couple of players, including Jerami Grant and Ben Simmons, saw the light, with many people bashing Bron for bringing Russell Westbrook in the offseason only to trade him a couple of months later. 

It looks like the Lakers could work on a deal for Ben Simmons, which brought memories to fans. Curiously, two years ago, at the 2019 All-Star Game draft, LeBron James exchanged Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons, who was previously selected by Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

Bron proposed the deal during the live broadcast, with the NBA on TNT crew officiating everything. Giannis took some time to think before giving a response, even joking about adding Dwyane Wade to the trade. He ultimately agreed, saying LeBron is a big fan of Ben and letting the Australian point guard join Team LeBron. 

Giannis also has a good relationship with Russ, which could also help make things easier for both players. It's unclear how the Lakers can make a similar move now since the Sixers aren't interested in Westbrook. Perhaps a third team could accelerate this process, as more people claim the Lakers must get rid of Westbrook by the day. 

Many said he was a bad fit as soon as his trade from Washington was announced, but they tried to prove them wrong. The Lakers are 16-17 right now and have the hardest schedule in the league after tonight's game. Perhaps it's time to make some changes on the roster, but that won't be easy.