LeBron James Shares Strong Message On Instagram: "Count Me Out If You Want To."

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NBA Twitter Tries To Interpret Cryptic LeBron James Tweet

This year hasn't gone as planned for LeBron James. Instead of contending for back-to-back titles, the Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in the first round by Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns. Part of that was due to prior injuries to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, though the Phoenix Suns do deserve a lot of credit for their achievement, as they themselves had an injured key player in Chris Paul.

Despite the loss to the Suns, it seems as though LeBron James isn't worried about how he is going to do in the future. LeBron James recently posted a clip from the film  Gladiator on his Instagram, with a caption that states that people are free to count him out if they want to.

This post could be interpreted as a warning to the rest of the league, as LeBron James has widely been viewed as the best player of this generation. There is no doubt that a full offseason would do wonders for James, and that could be all it takes to have the Los Angeles Lakers at the top of the Western Conference once again.