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LeBron James Was Ecstatic About Liverpool Winning The FA Cup

LeBron James Was Ecstatic About Liverpool Winning The FA Cup

Liverpool FC continued their quest for a historic quadruple as they won the prestigious FA Cup yesterday over Chelsea FC. A certain LeBron James was thrilled to see the Reds win the trophy and his ties to Liverpool go back over a decade.

LeBron has been a stakeholder at Liverpool for 11 years now after purchasing a 2% stake which has only gone up in value manyfold since then. Last year he also became a minor partner with Fenway Sports Group which owns the club, so it is no surprise that James has shown a lot of interest in the team.

Liverpool have been incredibly successful in recent years and LeBron has been quite vocal with his support for them on social media. Back in 2020, the club ended a 30-year title drought and the King expressed his excitement at the time as well.

Back to the present, LeBron could not resist taking a dig at ex-teammate and Chelsea fan Josh Hart on Twitter and asked that someone needs to check up on him! An understandably disappointed Hart later responded by stating that he was not okay.

LeBron would be hoping that Liverpool now go on to win the Premier League and the Champions League in what would be an incredible accomplishment. With all this success off the court, there is no doubt that James would be even more determined to get some of it on the court as well after a disappointing season with the Lakers in which he missed the playoffs.

Laker fans would certainly hope that is the case as well and they have been assured by Jeanie Buss that the team will not trade the superstar this season even if he chooses to not sign an extension. Buss also added that she wants to make sure that LeBron is confident about the team around him and wants to make sure that he is happy. Getting the right coach for the team would be the first step towards it and we await to see who finally lands the job for next season.