Luka Doncic On The Differences Between The NBA And Europe: "It's Easier To Score Here Than In Europe."

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Credit: AP 

Credit: AP 

Luka Doncic picked things right where he left them after another tremendous individual season with the Dallas Mavericks. He led his national team to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics earlier this month and hasn't slowed down a bit. Doncic demolished the last FIBA World Cup runners-up Argentina, getting their first-ever Olympic win. The guard showed up again, going off with 48 points, dropping 31 in the first half of the game. 

After such a magical performance, it's hard not to remember what he said two years ago. The Slovenian player claimed that it was easier to score in the NBA than in Europe, but it looks like Luka doesn't see differences anymore. 

“Here [in the NBA] it's easier to score compared to Europe,” said the rookie in an interview. “In Europe, the court is smaller and here there is the three seconds rule. I think it’s easier to score here.”

In his first Olympic game ever, he beat his NBA career-high by 2 points, demonstrating that he's a monster regardless of where he plays. He added 11 rebounds and 5 assists to his personal account, stealing the show against Argentina. 

To put things in perspective, he scored the exact points that Team USA scored in the 2nd half against France yesterday. He did the job of five men in one half, demonstrating he's the real deal.

Luka Doncic is only 22 years old and is already making history in the NBA and international basketball. No matter how many times it's been said before, the future is bright for Luka, and it's a pleasure seeing him become this superstar that surprises everybody whenever he steps on the court. 

As Gregg Popovich said, when you have a player like Luka, you'll always have a chance to compete against anybody