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Metta World Peace On The Toughest Players He Had To Guard: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant Or LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Metta World Peace was a very good defender when he was active, and he had to face some of the most skilled players in the NBA during his career. The Los Angeles Lakers recently revealed the 10 hardest players he had to guard in his life, but several years ago he did the same, talking about three guys that will go down in history as great scorers.

Back in 2013, MWP took to Twitter to chat with fans and talked about the toughest players he had to guard in his career, explaining the differences between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and his then-teammate Kobe Bryant.

"The reason I say Jordan is because he gave me 40 in my defensive prime. He was 40 yrs old. In my prime there was no better defender ever," he started.

"I believe , potentially , Durant should be my toughest cover because of his length. Obviously LBJ and Kobe are pretty good," World Peace added.

When he had to talk about Kobe, his message was clear.

“Kobe is different. I think he will never be duplicated,” the former Lakers and Pacers player added. "Lebron is further along physically. Skill wise Kobe has both Durant n King J beat. Jordan has the best fundies. Jordan is all 3 in 1."

This guy was one of the most controversial players in the NBA, but he always gave good takes when it came to talent and things other players showed on the floor. He clashed against the best of the best in the NBA and his opinion surely matters on this topic.