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Michael Jordan Challenges Magic Johnson To A 1-On-1 Game: "We'll Go Play 1-on-1, Me And You, Right Now."

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Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were both all-time greats, that played against one another in the 90s. They had many battles, with Michael Jordan notably leading his Chicago Bulls over Magic Johnson's Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals.

Both players were part of the NBA All-Time 75 list, and thus were part of the ceremony in the middle of the All-Star game that honored the legends selected. It seems as though the two had a fun moment while backstage prior to the actual ceremony.

A recent video shows that Michael Jordan challenged Magic Johnson to a 1-on-1 match while backstage. Michael Jordan had a competitive spirit during his playing days, and it seems as though that is showing here.

Old dog, right there... Where you shooting at? We'll go play 1-on-1, me and you right now.

While the two players are obviously older now, it would still be fun to watch them play solo against one another. Michael Jordan is a player that was well-known for his isolation skills during his playing days so perhaps he'd have the advantage here, as Magic Johnson was a player that was more of a playmaker, rather than a 1-on-1 player. With that being said, both players are obviously legendary in their own right, and any 1-on-1 game would certainly be competitive.

It remains to be seen if the two players will end up following through, and whether Magic Johnson will end up accepting Michael Jordan's challenge. The two are known as being close friends, and they were clearly enjoying some small talk prior to the ceremony. Notably, Michael Jordan supported Magic Johnson when the latter decided to come back to the NBA in 1995. Hopefully, we do see the 1-on-1 match happen at some point in the future, and knowing Jordan, he'd still go hard just like he did in his playing days.