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Mike James Tells Fan Kyrie Irving Is More Talented Than Stephen Curry: "Steph Just Shoots Better. Everything Is In Kyrie's Favor Skill Wise."

Kyrie Irving On Steph Curry: "The Guy Has Completely Revolutionized The Game.”

The Kyrie Irving-Stephen Curry comparisons have been a recurrent topic in the NBA for quite some time now. After clashing in the NBA Finals on various occasions, the talented point guards starred in several debates around the league. 

One Kyrie's former teammates made a case for the Brooklyn Nets star over Stephen Curry recently. Mike James reacted to a tweet naming the four most skilled scorers of all time. He added Kyrie and James Harden to the mix, explaining the guards have the skillset to make that cut. 

Fans were quick to tell James otherwise, bringing up Stephen Curry's name to the conversation. James then claimed Steph is only a better shooter than Kyrie. Other than that, the 2016 NBA champion beats the 2x MVP in every category. 

Kyrie more skilled then Steph. Steph just shoot better. Everything is in kyrie favor skill wise. But whatever u say fam.

More fans joined the conversation, calling out James and even saying he was trying to return to Brooklyn by making these comments. The player wasn't having any of that and let people know he's no longer part of the Nets. 

This is an interesting discussion that won't finish anytime soon. Kyrie and Steph have been pitted against each other in the past and the trend won't go now that James made this claim.