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MJ's Agent On Michael Jordan Gambling: 'He Loves To Gamble. He’s An Extremely Competitive Guy.'

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Everybody knows Michael Jordan likes to gamble. The Chicago Bulls icon hasn't hidden his love for betting, but that has created more trouble than happiness for him in his personal life. According to his former agent, David Falk, that was one significant problem for Jordan, as he loves to bet, regardless of the outcome of his gamble.

Falk joined 'WFAN’s Boomer and Gio’ podcast, where he discussed a lot of topics regarding the GOAT and his life when he was an active player and the details we didn't know about MJ.

“There’s very few things people criticized him for. The gambling thing was it. He loves to gamble. He’s an extremely competitive guy.” He further added to his comments by saying, “If he loses $150,000 playing golf, big freaking deal. If I told him tomorrow, Hey, I’ve got an appearance for you for five minutes for $150,000,”

“So yes, he lost money in gambling and it sort of had a little bit of a black eye for five minutes. He apologized and the thing went away. But any of these Oliver Stone conspiracy theories that somehow it pushed him out of basketball were ridiculous,” Falk explained.

People say Jordan can bet on anything, no matter what. It could go from golf matches to spending $100K on a bet predicting the winner of an innocent rock, paper, scissors game. This is something complex for everybody. Imagine a guy like Jordan with all the money in the world to have such a problem.

Some theories pointed out that due to the NBA's intervention, Jordan retired in 1993 after he went gambling the night before a crucial playoff game against the New York Knicks. We can't tell if that is completely true, but as Falk says, that was a huge problem for MJ.