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Myles Turner Shoots His Shot With Elizabeth Cambage: "It's A Date"

Myles Turner Shoots His Shot With Elizabeth Cambage: "It's A Date"

Shooters are gonna shoot and that's exactly what Myles Turner recently did when he decided to try his luck with a female basketball star. Elizabeth Cambage, who recently called out the WNBA for paying more to a head coach than its players, caught the attention of Turner, who instantly shot his shot. 

The Indiana Pacers star has become a big deal on TikTok, showing details of his life, including what a normal day for an NBA player looks like. Earlier this week, he shared a video of his trip to Disney World in Orlando, proving that tall people can actually enjoy the rides at the park. 

Cambage saw the video and left a comment under Myles' post, thanking him for letting her know that she wasn't too tall to go to the park. 

“LMAO IVE NEVER BEEN!!” she wrote. “I always thought I was too tall for everything there so thank you for this.”

Turner saw a chance and took it, shooting his shot with the new member of the Los Angeles Sparks, setting the date with the 6-foot-8 WNBA star. 

"It's a date," Turner wrote, along with a moon emoji.

It's unclear if Cambage agreed to the date, but Turner seemed pretty confident in his chances. The Indiana Pacers star stayed in his original team after rumors suggested he would be traded, along with Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis, ready to compete in the Eastern Conference. 

On the other hand, Cambage will start a new chapter in her career with the Sparks, trying to win the championship after failing to do so with the Las Vegas Aces last campaign. 

They could cross paths soon, but we'll have to wait and see if these two get together.