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NBA Fan Roasts Victor Oladipo For Rejecting A Big Contract From The Indiana Pacers: "We Always Talk About How Dennis Schroder Fumbled... But What About Victor?"

(via 8 Points, 9 Seconds)

(via 8 Points, 9 Seconds)

There are times when players reject deals from teams in order to pursue more lucrative opportunities in free agency. There are definitely times where it works out, and the player ends up getting a bigger extension due to their performance. However, a lot of things can go wrong with that approach as well. There's always the risk of cap space drying up for teams as they pursue other options once you reach free agency, as well as the risk of potential injury ahead of free agency.

A player that has widely been viewed as someone who "fumbled the bag" is Dennis Schroder of the Boston Celtics, who reportedly declined an $84 million deal from the Los Angeles Lakers. Schroder has gotten a lot of scrutiny from fans, but Twitter user and basketball fan @AkiEkezie has pointed out that Schroder wasn't the only one to miss out on a huge payday. 

The user shared a graphic of Victor Oladipo, who missed out on a 4-year deal for $112 million from the Indiana Pacers last season, only to sign for a veteran minimum with the Miami Heat in free agency. NBA fans reacted to the Tweet and many people pointed out that it was injuries that stopped Oladipo from getting a payday, rather than poor play.

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A lot of players prefer to take the guaranteed money. Marcus Smart revealed that he almost rejected $77 million from the Boston Celtics to try and chase $90 million in free agency, but ended up taking the guaranteed money instead, securing a huge payday. Victor Oladipo went a different route, and it's clear that it has cost him financially. It should also be noted that the Pacers deal isn't the only deal he rejected, as he ended up rejecting a two-year $45 million extension from the Houston Rockets.

Even if he rejected those deals, there is a possibility that Victor Oladipo will still get a lucrative deal in the future, especially if he plays well when he comes back from injury next season. Hopefully, that will be the case, as it definitely hurts to see players miss out on big money.