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NBA Fan Shares LeBron James' Inspiring Life Story And How He Stayed Humble With The Perfect Reputation: "With No Education, No Father, No Training And Few Role Models..."

Grant Hill Discusses How LeBron James Is Treated By Fans And Media: "No Player Has Ever Endured As Much Vitriol, Abuse, And Slander That LeBron James Has Endured"

LeBron James' story is among the more inspirational ones in the NBA. Coming from almost nothing, LeBron achieved way more than anyone coming from his position should have been able to in his life. Earlier this year, he became a billionaire, in what was a first for someone who was still playing in the league, and he continues to achieve feats that many would have felt were well beyond him.

Considering all that he has been through and the constant media spotlight on him, it is incredible that we have heard nothing negative about the King off the court. Add in the element of social media, where every little thing a celebrity does seems to get out, and it's remarkable that he has stayed out of any kind of trouble in all this time. An NBA fan on Twitter paid his respect to LeBron for battling through adversity to accomplish all that he has while also being a great human being.

With no education, no father, no training and few role models. They handed this young poor dirt kid $420,000 per week at the age of 18. Married his highschool sweetheart. He was never arrested, never used drug, never humiliated his wife with outside girl stories. No outside babies like many other professional athletes, never in the news with so much as a parking ticket. Excellent father. Greatest player on the planet. 15 years later. Same dude, same maturity, same chick. Same family. Reputation intact. Now earning over $2 million per week. Has sent 1100+ kids to college fully paid for. Ladies and gentlemen, LeBron James.

Unfortunately, we have heard many instances of young men losing their way in life without a father and not having proper education from the get-go, but LeBron battled through all that to get to where he is now. There's also been no controversy of any sort with regards to an arrest or drugs, and he hasn't been on the tabloids with some rumors on affairs of any nature either.

LeBron has also been a great father to his kids and supports them every step in their lives. His "I Promise" foundation has provided education to so many in Akron, and the foundation also pledged to build a multi-million dollar medical facility in the area. Considering all this, it is a pity that he still gets criticized as much as he does, but that sadly comes with the territory when someone reaches the top of the mountain. He has never let any of it bog him down, however, and continues to soldier ahead on the right path.