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NBA Fans Blast Skip Bayless For Giving Bronny James A Backhanded Compliment

NBA Fans Blast Skip Bayless For Giving Bronny James A Backhanded Compliment

Skip Bayless has hitched the last 20 years of his career to the wagon of LeBron James and has been incessantly berating the man since he entered the NBA. It's a joke amongst fans that Skip will never give LeBron the credit he deserves for being one of the greatest players of all time. One of the biggest reasons why conversations about LeBron become discussions about Michael Jordan vs. LeBron is because that is what Skip does on Undisputed every single day.

With LeBron's retirement on the horizon, Skip is aware that he needs to find new players to hitch to and continue selling his brand of content to the fans. Many people have already commented on how Skip has been treating Luka Doncic the way he treats LeBron James, so maybe Luka could be his next target.

However, it seems it isn't Luka. With LeBron wanting to stay in the NBA until his eldest son is drafted, it seems Skip is ready to switch from father to son. After Bronny threw down a thunderous dunk in a game that generated a lot of interest on Twitter, Skip decided to mock the 17-year-old for not dunking the ball with his left hand.

Mocking a 17-year-old is incredible and even fans were stunned at seeing Skip openly bash Bronny James after a great highlight. 

Skip is one of the most entertaining personalities in the NBA so he will always keep his job because of the attention he attracts to himself. 

As Lou Williams's reaction also shows, it is incredibly inappropriate for Skip to talk about LeBron's kids, especially because Bronny isn't even 18 years old. Entertainment is one thing, but talking about Bronny like this may be a line he shouldn't have crossed. 

Considering how Skip is, LeBron probably has already told Bronny not to let his words have an impact on him. This might just be the start of a new chapter in Skip's career as he moves from admonishing 'The King' to 'The Prince'.