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NBA Fans Call Out LeBron James After Lakers Get Eliminated From Playoff Contention: "Disqualified From GOAT Race"

LeBron James Reveals Why He Didn't Pursue Scoring Title After Elimination From Post-Season Contention: "The Wackest Thing Ever"

For the fourth time in his 19-year career, LeBron James has been eliminated from the race to enter the NBA playoffs. This is the second time this has happened in his four-year stint with the Lakers, with the first time happening in his debut season in 2018.

The year has been catastrophic from the start, as the Lakers started the season with an 0-6 record in pre-season. They struggled through the season and never showed the promise that a would-be championship contender team should show. While LeBron had a historic scoring season for himself, he couldn't carry this team to wins.

After all the talking that the Lakers had done about the team they had built, to see it fall like this is quite spectacular. The internet is collectively losing its mind at the moment, and a lot of hate is being directed to LeBron, who didn't even suit up for the eliminating loss to the Phoenix Suns, a team that has now eliminated the Lakers in back-to-back years.

However, there have been some fans that have also sent positive messages towards LeBron. The load he had to carry at 37 to make this team even remotely competitive was quite absurd, but that doesn't necessarily absolve him of the blame because a franchise did pin their hopes on him being a GOAT level player even now.

After a point, there isn't just one factor to blame here. It will be ignorant to say LeBron is not responsible for this disaster. Even though he played up to his talent, he made poor decisions that shaped the roster and the team. As its leader, he needs to place the blame upon himself.

Frank Vogel and Rob Pelinka won't be absolved either, and nor will Russell Westbrook. A lot of heads may roll in the Lakers organization over the summer. But we know LeBron will be there no matter what, and try to make something happen for the team in his 20th NBA season.