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NBA Fans Clown The Warriors After Getting Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Warriors Fans Broken-Hearted After Being Eliminated From Playoff Contention

With their season on the line, the Warriors and Grizzlies showed up to play on Friday, engaging in a hard-fought, down-to-the-wire battle.

In the end, the powers of Ja Morant were just too much for the short-handed Warriors, and the Grizzlies were able to pull away in the end with the close victory.

No doubt, this match was another candidate for the game of the year, and is yet more evidence as to the intensity the play-in tournament brings.

The big story was the point guard battle between Ja (35 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists) and Steph (39 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists), who are clearly some of the best at their position in basketball.

But, with Steph and his Dubs now officially out of the playoffs, it seems that their next chapter will have to continue next season. For Memphis, they will look ahead to their first-round matchup against the Utah Jazz.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans have been particularly brutal in their reactions, flaming the Warriors for blowing their play-in games.

It will be interesting to see what's in store for both teams in the future.

Can Memphis make any noise against Utah? How will the Warriors bounce back from this devastating loss?

A lot of questions remain about these Western competitors, and it looks like we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves how it works out.