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NBA Fans Keep Trolling Jimmy Butler’s Wild Hairstyle: “What Did The Celtics Do To This Man."

NBA Fans Keep Trolling Jimmy Butler’s Wild Hairstyle: “What Did The Celtics Do To This Man."

The NBA offseason is in full swing right now. While teams and organizations are changing the rosters with free agents and trades, players have been enjoying their time off as well. One of the first names to pop up in the same regard is Jimmy Butler.

After a grueling season where he led the Miami Heat all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals, Butler and Co. were just a game away from reaching all the way to the NBA Finals. If not for the 33-year-old missing a game, the Heat might have found themselves in the Finals instead of the Boston Celtics. 

Regardless, Butler is out there is having the time of his life. Visiting places like Colombia, the small forward deservedly is taking some time off right now. The 6-time All-Star recently fired up the NBA Twitter after revealing his new hairstyle. Getting new extensions, many fans trolled Butler for his new dreadlocks. But it seems like the 33-year-old couldn't care less.

Recently, a picture of Butler taking a hair spa went viral. Fans were at it again as they ruthlessly trolled the small forward yet again, leaving some hilarious comments.

"What did the Celtics do to this man" 

"Aunt Jimmy?"

"ts still baffles me"

"Listen to Kyle bro"

"What’s Done is Done, lol"

"Jimmy Marley"

"This is mad zesty yooo"

"Himothy Butler"

"What in the King Booker is this"

"Dude a fun boy"

"With the daft punk helmet"

"Girl let me tell you bout my man!"

"For a second I thought bro added extensions to his beard. Then I looked at the pic again"

"Jimmy looking like one of them fruity ass boys from ATL"

Irrespective of how many people might troll him, it doesn't look like 'Jimmy Buckets' is changing this hairstyle soon. It might be time for a new nickname for the Miami Heat superstar.