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NBA Fans React To A Teacher Bringing The Debate Of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan To Their Class: "The Teacher Need A Raise."

Jason Williams Says It Was Easier For Michael Jordan To Score In The 90s Than For LeBron James Today: "Now It's Harder To Score In The NBA Than It Was Then."

A teacher has been making the rounds around social media after sharing a graphic comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan, seemingly explaining why His Airness is better than the King, and what it'd take for LeBron to even up or surpass Jordan in accolades. 

One fan recently shared a pic of a classroom with the teacher showing a Fadeaway World graphic with the differences between the two legends, making a lot of noise for bringing up the GOAT debate in the classroom. This shows how big this discussion has gotten in recent times, that even students are learning about the differences between these two. 

A simple tweet got so big that even big NBA pages shared it, showing that this is a pretty big deal. Slam Studios shared it with their fans, who had a lot to say about it.

Some discredited the pic, saying that LeBron has better stats than Jordan, while others agreed that Jordan is the GOAT, and the rest simply laughed at the fact that they were sharing these graphics in schools. 

Nothing incorrect was stated. Carry on

Teacher of the yea

W Teacher

9 scoring titles💀

They spittin fax tho

now compare bill russell to MJ

now put career totals, asg, and all nba teams

This is the worst cherry-picked stat line I’ve ever seen

Then that means bill russell is the best

W teacher L Lebum fan

I gotta admit he does have a point

I mean same could be said but the opposite way 🤷‍♂️

W teacher

I’m hugging him

Lebron career isnt over soo he the 🐐

So biased it’s crazy. I can name a bunch of accolades Bron has that Baldy doesn’t. Bron hasn’t even been in a dunk contest 😂

All then scoring titles and still isn’t a top 3 scorer of all time 🥱 lebron did it on less shots too

Aight now put they stats side by side it’s no comparison 🤣🤣bet he won’t do that

It’s still bron all day, can do everything Jordan can do and more at a bigger size and is a better passer

Didn’t MJ score 5 points in a three point shooting contest. Legoat would never

MJ still took more shots than him

All those scoring titles and LeBron still passed him on less shots 😮‍💨

The teacher need a raise.

As usual, fans have a lot to say when it comes to the never-ending GOAT debate. Jordan and James have done a lot for the game, and have become the two best players to sit foot on an NBA court, and it's easy to see why fans would pick between one of them as the undisputed GOAT. 

Things might have been getting out of control if teachers are discussing this in schools, but it's great to see the influence the NBA has not only on sports fans but people in general.