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NBA Fans Select Who Should Be Fifth On The Most Influential Players Of The Last 30 Years: "Remove LeBron And Add Magic And Bird."

NBA Fans Select Who Should Be Fifth On The Most Influential Players Of The Last 30 Years: "Remove LeBron And Add Magic And Bird."

The NBA has a long and rich history of several superstars playing in the league. Even among those superstars, a few definitely stand above the rest. Be it on or off the court, their impact on the game is simply unmatched.

For most people, the name of four players comes to mind when we discuss the most influential players. They are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry. Each player has a case for their place on the list for various things they have done for the NBA on and off the court.

During his playing days, MJ played a huge role in globalizing the sport and bringing in fans from almost all around the globe. Moreover, he is the GOAT for most fans due to his incredible resume.

After Jordan, Kobe became the face of the league and made sure that the league's popularity kept on increasing. Similar to MJ, Kobe's skills on the court were unmatched. Bryant's popularity among fans was truly revealed when he passed away in a tragic accident in 2020 as the entire world mourned his death.

Next, talking about LeBron and Curry, the two spent most of their prime years in the 2010s. They even gave fans four amazing NBA Finals, including the iconic 2016 finals. As for their influence, LBJ's "The Decision" in 2010 has allowed players to control their free agency and choose a destination as per their needs.

On the other hand, Curry truly changed the way players played the game of basketball. Looking at him pulling numerous 3-pointers, most of the league adapted that style of play.

But apart from these four players, the renowned Twitter page "ClutchPoints" asked the question about potentially adding another player to the list.

Since the page has mentioned a time frame of 30 years, it certainly makes the job easy for fans. On that note, here are the best reactions to the tweet.

Looking at the comments, most believe that Allen Iverson should be included in this list. While some believe LeBron should be removed from the list and in his place, players like Shaq, Duncan and Dirk deserve a spot.

All things considered, everyone will have a different set of players on the list. But we believe naming just the five most influential players of the NBA might cause a lot of rifts. Instead, a list of the 15 most influential NBA players will give a much better understanding of the same to the fans.