NBA Rumors: A Lot Of Veterans Could Join The Los Angeles Lakers On Minimum Deals

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There's no question that the Los Angeles Lakers need to retool the roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. A lot of their players will become free agents this season, and it is clear that the Lakers will need to bring in new faces, or perhaps retain some of their free agents in order to have a great roster next season. We know that LeBron James and Anthony Davis are a championship-caliber duo: they just need the right supporting cast.

A huge part of any contender's struggle with making a better team around their superstar is the limitation of the salary cap. However, a lot of championship teams will often have veterans who are ring chasing join them. It seems as though the Lakers will not be an exception to this. Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report has recently gone on an episode of the Laker Central Podcast and stated that many veterans could join the Lakers if they manage to improve their roster.

“The good news for the Lakers is that there is absolutely a large amount of talk from team executives around the league right now that if the Lakers are able to get a Kyle Lowry or make this home run of getting Russell Westbrook and trading Kyle Kuzma for Buddy Hield, let’s say … there’s a lot of speculation right now that seems founded that the Lakers have a ton of veteran-type players ready and interested to come sign on minimum deals and go chase this ring with LeBron [James],”

Veterans are crucial to a championship run, and we've seen the importance of players who could buy into a smaller role in prior championship runs. We'll see if the Los Angeles Lakers are able to execute a trade to improve their roster, but if they do, there could be more reinforcements that are on the way.