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Patrick Beverley Blasts Former Team LA Clippers After Play-In Win: "Weak A** Clippers, Beat Their Motherf***ing Ass"

Patrick Beverle

Patrick Beverley is having the night of his life. After the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the LA Clippers, Beverley has been seen showing his joy at the fact the Timberwolves have made it to the NBA Playoffs. It must be a little sweeter for him that it came over the team that traded him away.

PatBev was the heart and soul of the LA Clippers over the last few years, transitioning them from the Lob City era to the current era they are in. However, Beverley was surplus to requirements this season and was traded away to Memphis, who then moved Beverley to the Timberwolves.

In the locker room after their win, Patrick Beverley was surrounded by his teammates while they went live on Instagram. The conversation turned NSFW really quick, as Beverley started hurling curses at the Clippers and said they beat their 'motherf***ing ass'.

Beverley has put a rough-rider spirit in the Wolves, but they need to temper expectations before they fall off. The Wolves won't make a championship run in any feasible way, but they are trying to rock with the momentum that they are unbeatable. However, it is understandable as they don't want any team to underestimate them. This fire in them will push teams to beat them as well.

At the end of the day, Minnesota's success is dependent on other players like Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, and D'Angelo Russell. KAT had a nightmare performance against the Clippers, but the other two still carried the team to a win. 

Going against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Wolves will be out-matched. But with two young teams meeting in the first round, the Wolves will try their best to pull off a historic upset and make an actual run in the playoffs. Even though realistically, they are likely first-round exits.