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Ray Allen Wants To Bring The Supersonics Back To Seattle

(via Seattle PI)

(via Seattle PI)

After the Supersonics relocated to OKC in 2008, Seattle has been lacking any sort of NBA basketball representation. With one of the best fan bases in the league at the time, many feel the Sonics should have never been moved -- and many feel a return should be implemented.

Ray Allen, who once played for the Sonics during his NBA career, is one of those advocates and went so far as to say he would like ownership of the team if (when) they get resurrected.

(via Clubhouse)

“I would love for Seattle to have a team, and I would love to be part of the ownership. When I left Seattle in 07, so many were disenchanted with the ownership, and the one thing that I told them was, this is something people all over the world in any city with a sports team. People were upset with the then owners, and I told them, listen, I wear Seattle on my chest, but I only wear it for a brief time. When I leave, this is your city. You always have to fight for your city, for your team, and the pride of what it is. You cannot lose a sports team in your city because it is a community resource. As an adult you have your frustrations and things that piss you off the dynamics, the politics, but we do things for the kids.

There was a high school in Seattle their jersey was stolen. So, Rashard Lewis and I made sure that we purchased new jerseys, so they had them. When you do not have that NBA team in that city, and you lose that resource. We knew about it, and we acted immediately because it helps the local kids connect with us. And that goes for any professional team in any city.”

While there is no concrete evidence that the NBA is open for an expansion (or that any team is ready to relocate), Adam Silver has already stated that Seattle is next on the list to add a team if such an opportunity arises.

Considering the market that is Seattle, the passion for basketball in the area, and the history of the Sonics as a franchise, it makes a lot of sense that pro basketball would make a return there.

Allen's role in the project, ownership or otherwise, remains to be seen. But having him as a part of the team would be a nice feel-good story for basketball.