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Ronnie 2K Says Clippers Star Paul George Is The Best 2K Player In The NBA

Ronnie 2K Says Clippers Star Paul George Is The Best 2K Player In The NBA

While the NBA season is still weeks away from opening, basketball fans still get to enjoy some hoops thanks to the release of NBA 2K23.

With the newest installment of the game so fresh, fans and players are still exploring and discovering all that the video game has to offer. In the meantime, conversations and debates about the game have been rising in great numbers.

In an exclusive chat with ClutchPoints, Ronnie 2K dropped the latest details of the game and spoke about the success of this week's release. He even revealed who he believes to be the best 2K player in the league.

“I would say it’s not Devin, but I haven’t seen Devin against who I think is the best 2K player,” he said. “I think Paul George is the best 2K player. To answer your question, I think it’s Paul George,” he continued. “I would love to see him play Devin or us to do another ESPN players tournament where we just handpick 16 guys who I think are the best.”

This year, NBA 2K really put in a lot of extra effort to ensure they deliver a quality gaming experience for players. The city looks clean and makes sense; the animations are realistic and satisfying, and (most importantly) the gameplay has seen a number of improvements from previous installments.

Ronnie 2K Believes 23's Realistic Gameplay Allows Real Life Players To Use Their Knowledge In The Game

Regarding Paul George and what makes him the best, Ronnie 2K didn't really explain. Instead, he went on to elaborate on how a lot of NBA players get really good at 2K because they know how to use their real-life experience to their advantage.

"I've seen guys say that play 2K that are in the NBA pick it up so fast because I think that they see the A.I. and they just get the same consistency and practice. That's what separates our sports games from any other sports game. I think it's easy for an NBA player to pick it up and be like 'oh yeah, I see that on-ball guy moving there, I see an off-ball screen. This is the play I run and I get what everybody is doing!' So he's gonna have to step up because of the knowledge that he learned as a real basketball player."

For many NBA players, video games are just another one of their many hobbies, and 2K is obviously a game that many of these guys enjoy.

No matter what you think about 2K's AI or gameplay mechanics, they own the basketball simulation market right now, and they are not taking it lightly.

As for Paul George, it's pretty cool that he has a talent for 2K -- but his goals on the real-life court are obviously a much bigger priority for him at this stage of his career.