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Shannon Sharpe Reacts To Rajon Rondo Signing: "He's Going To Fit In Better Than He Did For The Clippers."

Rajon Rondo Jokes About Los Angeles Lakers’ Veteran Roster: “Now I’m Considered One Of The Young Guys”

Credit: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a pretty busy offseason.

After being eliminated in Round 1 during the 2021 playoffs, team GM and President Rob Pelinka went to work improving the roster. Over the past few weeks, they've added Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Kendrick Nunn, Kent Bazemore, and Wayne Ellington -- adding a collection of veterans that bring all kinds of talents to the table.

Their most recent acquisition though, Rajon Rondo, might be one of their strongest moves yet, as it will allow LeBron James some time and opportunity to play off-ball.

In a segment on Undisputed, FOX Sports' Shannon Sharpe gave his take on the move.

"Rondo's going to fit in better than he did for the Clippers. WE got Playoff Rondo, I don't know what ya'll had last year. But this is an opportunity for LeBron to stay off the ball more to preserve his minutes."

At 36-years old, entering his 19th season, it is more important than ever to preserve the health and energy of LeBron. Picking up Rondo, a solid veteran who specializes in setting up plays for others, definitely helps them do that.

His basketball brilliance is impressive, and even his competitors have lauded his mental abilities.

"He always knows what's going on with the other team," Carlisle said, as quoted by All Clippers. "He's always calling out our plays and that's why we're trying not to run too many plays. He knows them all. He's a great all-around player. He impacts the game in every way."

Last season, Rondo was a leader and tone-setter for the Clippers. And while the team failed to make any real traction where it mattered, his impact was felt, and they will miss his presence during this next campaign.

Back with the Lakers, the hope is that Rondo is the final piece L.A. needs to return to title contention. After all their acquisitions, they certainly have what it takes to make some noise.

But only time will tell how this season will end for them.