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Shaq O'Neal Agrees That He And Kobe Are The Greatest Duo Of All Time

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Shaquille O'Neal always showed big confidence during his days as a player. Now that he's an analyst, nothing has changed, the big fella remains confident in himself and the things he did during his active days when he became one of the most dominant players in NBA history.

You can agree or disagree with them but Shaq's opinions always get the attention of the public and he recently made a bold statement about his society with the late Kobe Bryant. O'Neal shared a picture on Instagram ranking the top 10 duos of all time. The first position was occupied by him and Kobe, followed by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (another great duo in the Lakers history) and Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

"I didn’t make this list up but I agree with it. What you think?" Shaq wrote on the post.

As expected, this fueled the controversy and plenty of fans started to give their opinion, some picking Magic and Kareem as the best duo, others went with MJ and Pippen, others with Kobe and Shaq while the rest focused their attention in other positions.

Shaq and Kobe made a huge impact on the game. They led the last team in the NBA to three-peat and their partnership was one of the best this game has ever seen. However, in terms of titles, Kareem and Magic won five titles together and they scored 56,094 career points (4,761 more than Jordan and Pippen).

As for the Chicago Bulls legends, they won six titles shared in two three-peats. The way they played the game and how good they understood each other on the court was something else. They were perfect for each other, which is why they were so successful together.

If you ask, most fans will go with MJ and Pippen, no doubt about it. However, Shaq and Kobe were something great, they made a big impact on the league and their highlights are something that any NBA fan must watch. They have a pretty good case to be considered the best duo of all time, but as things stand right now, that title belongs to Jordan and Pippen.