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Shaquille O'Neal Helps A Mom Who Didn't Have Money To Pay For A Laptop: '$1500 Ain't Nothing To Me But - Mom Trying To Help Her Babies Go To School'


Shaquille O'Neal must be one of the most fantastic guys in the world. The 4x NBA champion always tries to help people, and recently, we've learned more stories about his generosity. 

He helped a young man pay for an engagement ring; he once bought furniture for a woman and fed a homeless man at a McDonald's. Shaq has a big heart and we're constantly in awe of his actions. 

Recently, he revealed that helping moms buy computers has been a common thing. Not everybody has the money to purchase laptops for their sons, but the Los Angeles Lakers legend is always ready to step in. 

“I got you,” Shaq told a mom as he paid $1,500 for a couple of laptops. 

“My motto lately is it could be worse, and that could be you,” O’Neal added. “$1,500 ain’t nothing to me but [a] mom trying to help her babies go to school? I’m standing right there, do it.”

These are incredible gestures from the Big Diesel. You can say whatever you want about his basketball takes, but Shaq is a real one, and he shows that every day. He really can change a life with these moves. 

Not everybody gives back, but O'Neal is different. He never hesitates to spend money to help people. Mad respect.