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Shawn Marion On Ben Simmons: "He Almost Can Fit On Any Team."

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Charles Barkley Calls Out Ben Simmons For Drama: "We're Not Going To Trade You To Where You Want To Be Traded"

Ben Simmons has been linked with an exit from the Philadelphia 76ers for quite some time now, and there's no question that he's made it clear that he wants out. While he has returned to the team, he has not yet played a game for the franchise.

Although he has faced a lot of ridicule after the Philadelphia 76ers' series against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2020-21 playoffs, what is abundantly clear is that Ben Simmons is still a good basketball player. He is a 6'10 point guard who is lethal in transition and his high-level playmaking often creates open opportunities for his teammates. While there are certainly some issues with his limited scoring, he also happens to be a top-tier defender.

Former All-Star Shawn Marion has recently suggested that Ben Simmons's skill set would allow him to fit with any team, so long as they have some scorers/shooters. It makes sense that Simmons' skillset would be maximized in those conditions.

Right now, he's such a versatile player... He almost can fit on any team... You got a few shooters on your team, he can go anywhere pretty much. You got some guys who can put the ball in the hole, that's all he really needs. 

If he starts shooting that jumper... I told him "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

Ben Simmons would be able to help a lot of playoff teams with his defense and playmaking, and he's been linked with a lot of different destinations in trade rumors. However, what's complicating any trade is the Philadelphia 76ers' demands in return, and there were reports that they refused a 5-player return in a deal that Rich Paul arranged.

We'll see what happens with Ben Simmons in the future, and it would certainly be interesting to see if he suits up for the Philadelphia 76ers again. Hopefully, he and the team can figure out a solution soon, as him not playing doesn't benefit him or the team.