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Spurs Rookie Jeremy Sochan Sets The Record Straight After Dissing Russell Westbrook: "I Was Not Intending On Being Disrespectful..."

Jeremy Sochan

Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan may not be widely known in the NBA community, but his name was making waves on Sunday night after footage of his exchange with fellow rookie Malaki Branham went viral.

As the Las Vegas Summer League was nearing its conclusion, the two players took it upon themselves to have some fun and play a little game for the fans. The concept was simple: one of them had to guess what was written on the other's piece of paper without looking at it. Hints are allowed, but it trapped Sochan into making a rather regrettable comment about one of the NBA's All-Time greats.

The former NBA MVP didn't like the nickname 'Westbrick' but that didn't stop people from calling him that. Things have been so intense that bricks are the main thing why Russ is known for now, or at least that's what showed Sochan. During a recent appearance on NBA TV, the 2022 No. 9 overall draft pick was playing a game where he was asked a series of questions.

When the host asked for something regarding Westbrook, Sochan said the first thing that came to his mind, and it was pretty bad. 

After the clip made its rounds, Sochan felt the need to address the issue on Twitter, where he posted the following reply:

It’s banter, I was not intending on being disrespectful heat of the moment, I was playing a game baby.

Of course, Sochan wasn't wrong about his statement. Westbrook shot 44% from the field last season and just 29.8% from deep. He put up enough bricks to build a small house... but Sochan is the last one to be pointing that out.

As an unproven and completely untested rookie who hasn't played a single NBA game, Jeremy Sochan should be showing respect for Westbrook, who is a 9x All-Star, 2x scoring champ, and 9x All-NBA player.

He'll find out the hard way what it means to be humbled when Westbrook comes to town in the upcoming season.