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Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Dwight Howard Over Incident With Anthony Davis: "Look At Me Right Now Dwight Howard. I Would Strongly Advise You Not To Get On The Nerves Of Anthony Davis."

Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard

Everybody had something to say about the unfortunate incident between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard during Friday night's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns. 

The two big men starred in a heated altercation on the bench, which set the alarms at Staples Center. Even though they made amends during the same game, people gave their two pennies to this situation, reflecting on what it meant for the Lakers and the dangers of the incident. 

For instance, Stephen A. Smith had some harsh things to say to Howard. The ESPN analyst called the player out for upsetting Davis, the present and the future of the 17-time NBA champions (2:05 mark).

“You’re Dwight Howard. I like Dwight Howard. Look at me right now Dwight Howard. I would strongly advise you not to get on the nerves of Anthony Davis,” Smith said on ESPN. “You are lucky to be in this league. Now I think he should be, don’t get me wrong. I think he’s a major contributor when he’s focused.

“But if you find yourself on the outside looking in and Anthony Davis got a problem with you, remember it wasn’t too long ago where Dwight Howard was wondering whether or not he’d have a job in the NBA. Landed with the Lakers, won a title, ended up going to Philly, they bring him back. You’re still making veteran minimum over two million dollars. This is Anthony Davis we talk about here. Do not mess that up because you get rid of get let go by the Lakers your career might be over quick.”

Nobody was happy to see these two going at it. Magic Johnson also called them out on social media, but Smith aimed his criticism at one person in this case. Fortunately, they solved things and now are back and ready to help this team compete. 

Rajon Rondo confirmed that, explaining that they are competitive and get frustrated sometimes. At the end of the day, they are very good friends and nothing more serious happened between them. So, no, Stephen A., there is no danger of Howard losing his spot on the Lakers.