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Stephen Curry Has Hilarious Reaction To Reporter Calling Him Wardell

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(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest players of all-time. He is the best shooter in the world, and he has won three championships. Stephen Curry is a superstar, and on the court, he is one of the deadliest players alive. Despite his basketball ability, Curry is known for having fun when he's playing basketball, and off the court, he is a jokester as well.

Recently, there has been a video captured of Stephen Curry reacting to the fact that a reporter called him by his first name, Wardell. Stephen is Curry's middle name, and usually, people stick with that: the whole world knows him as Stephen Curry. But a reporter ends up calling Curry by his first name on an unrelated question, and Curry's reaction is priceless.

People don't usually call Curry by his first name, so perhaps he decided to have a little bit of fun with his reaction to the situation. Curry has a good relationship with the media, so he was probably just messing around with the reporter. Part of Curry was likely surprised at being called Wardell, as most media members call him Steph.

Stephen Curry is quite possibly one of the players with the greatest sense of humor in the NBA. Stephen Curry exuberates joy most times when the Warriors are doing well, and it is good to see him having fun. Hopefully, he will have more fun reactions after the Warriors-Knicks game.