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Stephen Curry: "It's Weird To Think Every 3 I Make Is A New Record."

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NBA Fans Debate About If Stephen Curry Has Made 1 Million Three-Pointers In His Life: “That’s 250 Practice Shots A Day For Less Than 15 Years. Easy.”

Stephen Curry is the greatest 3PT shooter of all time, and he has recently broken the all-time regular-season 3PT record. As of his most recent game, he is also the only player that has ever made 3000 3PT shots during his career. The 3PT shot is not the only weapon in his arsenal, but it is by far his best.

Every 3PT shot that Stephen Curry makes in the future will add to his legacy and continue to increase his all-time 3PT total. Curry himself has recently commented on that fact, and stated that it's "weird" to think that every 3PT shot he makes is a "new record". This is what comes with being on top of the mountaintop, and he will continue to make 3PT shots and add to the record. 

Steph Curry: “It’s weird to think every three I make is a new record.”

It is hard to imagine anyone ever beating Stephen Curry's all-time 3PT total. After all, he will likely end his career with far more than just 3000 3PT shots, and it took him a while to pass Ray Allen as well. However, Draymond Green has previously stated that Stephen Curry's record may be broken in 5-6 years due to the way that the game has changed to become more focused on 3PT shooting, with players attempting more 3PT shots at the start of their careers.

Regardless, Stephen Curry will retire a legend and a player that has inspired many people across the world to pick up the sport of basketball. The 3PT revolution was started by the Golden State Warriors, and Stephen Curry has shown smaller guards how they too can succeed in basketball. His impact on the game is obviously huge, and he will always be remembered for the way he changed basketball.