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Stephen Curry Roasts LeBron James At 2022 ESPYS: "LeBron James, He Hosted This Award Show Back In 2007 After Losing In The NBA Finals... This Feels Better."

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Stephen Curry and LeBron James were both players that dominated the 2010s decade of basketball. Matchups between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors were must-watch basketball, and many fans fondly remember the 2016 Finals.

There is no doubt that there is mutual respect between LeBron James and Stephen Curry. The two have spoken positively about one another countless times. Recently though, Stephen Curry took an opportunity to crack a joke about LeBron James at the 2022 ESPYS, joking about how LeBron James hosted the show in 2007 after losing in the NBA Finals while adding on that it feels "better" to host it after actually winning the NBA Finals.

LeBron James, he hosted this award show back in 2007 after losing in the NBA Finals. So yes, you guessed it, this feels better.

There is no doubt that this is lighthearted a joke by Stephen Curry. Generally, the ESPYS host is supposed to roast everybody, and it seems as though Stephen Curry is doing that very well. The response drew laughter from the crowd, and it's definitely a funny joke. 

Stephen Curry won the Finals MVP in 2022, one of the few individual awards that were missing from his lengthy trophy cabinet. Many people now view him as a top-10 player of all time, and some, like NBA analyst Bobby Marks, even think that he's surpassed LeBron James, and is the second-best player ever behind Michael Jordan.

The Golden State Warriors will be right back at it next season despite losing key role players like Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr. in free agency, and perhaps we'll see them repeat next year. The road to the Finals will be tough with multiple stars returning from injuries in the Western Conference, but with Stephen Curry at the helm, the Warriors will have a chance against anyone.