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Stephon Marbury Compares Kyrie Irving To Muhammad Ali: "He Would Be Proud Of You"

Stephon Marbury Compares Kyrie Irving To Muhammad Ali: "He Would Be Proud Of You"

The Kyrie Irving saga doesn't seem to have a foreseeable ending after the Brooklyn Nets announced they won't allow him to be a part-time player. Kyrie responded to this situation, saying he won't retire from the game but won't get vaccinated, either, which has sparked rumors about a possible trade. 

The player is firm in his convictions, and so are the Nets. It's unclear who will win this dispute, but neither party is willing to give in. On Wednesday night, Irving took to social media to break the silence on this, finding out that a lot of people supported him. 

One of those supporting Kyrie was another controversial star, Stephon Marbury, who dedicated some words to the point guard during his Instagram Live. The former New York Knicks player even compared the 2016 NBA champion to Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time and someone that fought for social justice issues during his life. 

“Ali would be proud of you.”

“Nah they can’t cut and edit these God words spoken. It’s all love here and this soul speaking got a[n] ARMY behind him.”

“You [are] bringing the vaccinated and unvaccinated together. That’s a different power. No one [has] ever seen it before,” Marbury comments.


Even though Kyrie is reportedly trying to make a statement with his refusal to take the vaccine, it's a reach to compare him to Ali, a person who defied the highest authorities in America to defend his freedom. 

Kyrie has made incredible contributions during his career, but his personality often overshadows the good things he's done in the past. This is the biggest case of all, and nobody really knows what's next for the player and his team. 

The Nets want to have all of their pieces together on the court, but Irving isn't on the same page as the rest of his teammates.