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Steve Ballmer Celebrates Major Milestone Of The Los Angeles Clippers' New $2 Billion Arena: "It Is Nothing Short Of Amazing How Much Progress We've Made In A Year."

Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Wins Hearts Of Fans By Refurbishing 350 Basketball Courts In Los Angeles: "If We Get Some Fans, Super. If It Just Helps Positively Impact Kids’ Lives, That’s Really What It’s About."

Los Angeles as a city is often known for its plethora of sports teams. In basketball, there is one team that clearly stands out, the Los Angeles Lakers. Perhaps the most popular franchise in the NBA, the Lakers have been one of the most successful teams in the league and have seen some of the biggest superstars in the league play for them.

Their neighbors, the Los Angeles Clippers, though, haven't had any success in comparison to the Lakers. While the Purple and Gold have won 17 NBA championships, the Clippers have been limited to one Conference Finals as their best finish in the league so far. Not only that, they have to share their home court with that of the Lakers, which makes it worse.

But it seems like owner Steve Ballmer is here to change the narrative for the team. Ever since 2019, the Clippers have been making some big moves in order to mark themselves as a top team in the Western Conference. Not only did the Clips add Kawhi Leonard in the 2019 free agency, but they also traded away multiple players and picks to add Paul George to their roster.

While bringing the duo of George and Leonard seemed like the most important part of the project, the Clippers also revealed the first look of their independent stadium, the Intuit Stadium, worth a whopping $2 billion. Given that the team has been playing in the Lakers' arena, building their own stadium is definitely a promising move.

Recently, pictures of an under-construction Intuit Dome surfaced. Given that it has been three years since the project was announced, it was startling to see that the structure of the dome is finally ready. Owner Steve Ballmer was incredibly excited to see the progress that the construction of the dome.

"It is nothing short of amazing how much progress we've made in a year," 

After two rough seasons, the Clippers will finally have their superstar duo of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard fit for the upcoming season. Not only are Kawhi and George back, the supporting cast will be ready as well. Given how deep their roster is, it is unsurprising to see that the team is considered as one of the favorites coming out of the Western Conference.

If the Clippers can keep this competitive side for the next 3-4 years, it will be a perfect start to their era in the Intuit dome. But for that to happen, the Clippers will have to achieve some playoff success. Is this the season where the LA Clippers etch their name to basketball royalty?