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Steve Kerr Explains Why He Didn't Take Knicks Head Coaching Job In 2015: "I Would Have Been Fired In 2 Years."

Steve Kerr

Today, Steve Kerr is enjoying his position leading one of the most illustrious and successful NBA franchises.

Back in 2015, however, he could have chosen a completely different path.

According to reports at the time, he was offered a job coaching the New York Knicks -- basketball's most valuable team in America's most famous city.

Instead, he took a gig with the Warriors and experienced unprecedented success.

"The Warriors were already good, they were already a 50 win team, they had all this young talent. Honestly, if I had taken the Knicks job I would have been fired in 2 years."

Over the past 10 years, the Knicks have cycled through 7 different coaches, and none of them have seen very much success with the team.

Their current coach, Tob Thibodeau, won Coach of the Year last season, but even his job is falling under doubt.

(via SNY)

No matter how you feel about the situation, your individual opinion won’t have much impact on what happens next with the Knicks. Whose opinion matters? Knicks executive vice president William Wesley. And in conversations with Knicks owner James Dolan this month, Wesley has been laying the blame for the season – at least in part - on Thibodeau’s coaching, per SNY sources.

Stuck in a situation with a poor roster and dysfunctional front-office, it is likely that even the great Steve Kerr would have been canned after a few seasons with the Knickerbockers.

Meanwhile, in Golden State, he has established an elite winning culture with some of the world's best players. He has been there nearly a decade, and will likely remain with the franchise for years to come.

Objectively, it's safe to say he made the right decision that day in the summer of 2015.