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Steve Kerr Wants Draymond Green To Shoot "2 To 3 Threes Every Game"

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Steve Kerr On Draymond Green's Defense Against The Nets: "You Can't Do A Better Job Defensively Than What Draymond Did tonight."

Draymond Green was a key part of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. He is a 3-time All-Star and 3-time champion, as well as a DPOY award winner. There's no doubt that he's a legend for the franchise. Without him, they certainly wouldn't have had the same success.

There is no question that Draymond Green is a great defender, and that he's a proven winner. Every player can make improvements to their game though, and it seems as though coach Steve Kerr knows what Draymond Green needs to do to help the team.

Kendra Andrews of NBC Sports has recently revealed that Steve Kerr wants Draymond Green to "let it fly" if he's open and shoot "2 to 3 threes every game". Kerr also stated that he likes when Draymond Green "is trying to score". Draymond Green is still a very good player, but if he's going to space the floor on top of all the things he already does, then the Warriors will definitely benefit offensively.

This isn't the first time Steve Kerr has expressed this sentiment about Draymond Green's shooting. In May, he stated that the best version of Draymond Green is one that hits open 3PT shots and talks some trash to the opponent.

The best version of Draymond, you guys know this, is when somebody leaves him wide open, he makes a 3, he races over in front of the opponents’ bench and screams, ‘You better guard me. And then he might add an expletive or two.

Draymond Green has shown that he can shoot well in the past. During the 2015-16 season, Green shot 39% from beyond the arc. An encouraging sign for the Warriors is that Green has certainly looked to shoot more during the Golden State Warriors preseason games, and perhaps it'll translate into the regular season.

The Golden State Warriors will be looking to compete for the championship this season, as Klay Thompson will be returning from injury. They'll be a solid team when Thompson gets back, and if they get a floor-spacing Draymond Green on top of that, they'll be an absolutely dangerous team for any opponent.