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The Charlotte Hornets Are The Only Team In The League To Never Play A Christmas Game

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Christmas Day is an extremely important day for the NBA, as that day features many elite games and matchups that are considered exciting. Watching the NBA during Christmas is a tradition for some American households, and we often see some of the best performances from players on that day.

While most franchises have had at least one Christmas Day game during their existence, it seems as though one such franchise has not had much luck thus far. It was recently revealed that the Charlotte Hornets are the only team that has not had a Christmas Day game in their history. While the Memphis Grizzlies were on that list, they will have a Christmas Day game against the Golden State Warriors in 2022, so the Charlotte Hornets are alone in not ever having a Christmas Day game.

There is no doubt that this is unfortunate for fans of the Charlotte Hornets, but perhaps we will see the Hornets get a Christmas Day game in the future. They have an exciting young squad spearheaded by young point guard LaMelo Ball. They are likely to be one of the contending teams of the future, and LaMelo Ball already has some insane media attention. Perhaps them becoming a good team and LaMelo Ball's own stardom will get them a Christmas Day a few years down the line. 

As of now, though, the Charlotte Hornets have to focus on player development and surrounding LaMelo Ball with an elite core. They have solid young players such as P. J. Washington on the roster already, and they have good veterans such as Gordon Hayward as well. Hopefully, we see them make it back to the playoffs soon, and if LaMelo Ball can become the superstar in the future, then that moment will likely come sooner rather than later.