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The Idea For 32 Teams In The NBA: Seattle And Vegas In The West, Minnesota In The East

Credit: Arash Markazi

Credit: Arash Markazi

Contrary to what happened in prior years, the NBA might be more open to adding a new team to the 30 that we see today but that is still a long shot for them. A lot has been said about that in recent years and just now is when the league is getting more open to that idea.

Recently, Adam Silver talked about the possibility to add one more team to the league but clarifying that before they need to create a league as competitive as they can; after that, they can start thinking about bringing one more franchise to the competition. Now everybody has something to say about it and Los Angeles Times' Arash Markazi has dropped an idea of how the league could add not one but two more teams to the league.

"Here's one idea online for a 32-team NBA with Seattle and Las Vegas in the West and Minnesota in the East. Eight divisions in two 16-team conferences," he recently wrote on Twitter, showing a map of how things would look with two new franchises in the league.

Free agent Isaiah Thomas also chimed in on this situation, dropping another idea about what the league should do. Thomas said that they could put Memphis and New Orleans in the East and add Seattle and Las Vegas to the West.

Seattle has been missing an NBA franchise since the Supersonics left town and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. They have been fighting to get a new franchise and this could be a great opportunity for them to do so. Seattle is apparently "first in line" to get an expansion franchise and they won't miss out on that big opportunity.

Moreover, we recently ranked the best cities to have a new team in the NBA, with Seattle and Las Vegas occupying the first two positions on the list.