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The Real Reason Why The Nets Will Not Trade DeAndre Jordan

The Real Reason Why The Nets Will Not trade Deandre Jordan

For the past few weeks, Brooklyn Nets center DeAndre Jordan has surfaced in a number of different trade rumors, including as a piece in the Spencer Dinwiddie deal.

And while it makes sense to move him for a new face, it doesn't appear as if the Nets will actually follow through on a deal. Apparently, his bond with the big three is just too strong.

The Nets were unwilling to trade DeAndre Jordan in the Spencer Dinwiddie 5 team deal.

"His bond with the Brooklyn Big 3 is too strong for a deal to consummate, per source."

DeAndre Jordan is a former NBA All-Star who used to sit among the greatest bigs in the game.

With the Clippers especially, he emerged as a dominant rim runner.

But, over the years, Jordan's play and value dipped, and he went from a franchise centerpiece to a bench contributor.

And while his play in Brooklyn left much to be desired, his relationship with the stars there is clearly enough to keep him around long-term.

Not only does sit speak volumes about Jordan, it really highlights the kind of culture the Nets have. They will not abandon one of their own.

We'll see soon enough if they can stay true to that formula in pursuit of a Championship.