"There's Conflict Between The Blazers Ownership, Damian Lillard, And The Front Office", Says NBA Insider

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Trail Blazers Executive Says Damian Lillard Wants To Stay in Portland: "He Has Built An Empire Here"

Damian Lillard suddenly became one of the biggest stories in the NBA in a couple of hours. The Portland Trail Blazers player was linked to a move away from the Moda Center in prior weeks. Now, that possibility is higher than ever. 

Recent reports suggest the player isn't happy with the team's decision-makers, creating a rift between him, the ownership, and the front office. This conflict of interests could prompt Dame to leave the team and try his look with a different organization. 

According to Farbod Esnaashari, the relationship between the star and the team isn't best right now, which could be counterproductive for the Blazers. 

There is a growing rift between Portland Trail Blazers ownership, Damian Lillard, & the front office. Dame has been in touch with players on other teams this off-season & monitoring Portland's future before committing to anything. More to come.

Esnaashari predicted that the hiring of Chauncey Billups would have consequences for the franchise, and this update confirms that. Dame received a lot of criticism from fans after the team hired Billups, and that could play a key role in his potential exit

The rest of the league already started predicting where Lillard will play next, but this is only the beginning of this saga. The All-Star point guard and his team have a lot in their hands this summer, and if they can't work things out, Lillard will likely try his luck in a different place.