Toni Kukoc Compares Luka Doncic's Playing Style To His Own: "When I Played In Europe, That Was Exactly The Way I Played."

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Every player will receive comparisons to former players during their journey to the NBA. While each player has their own unique style, it is clear that every player will have some similarities to another player.

Luka Doncic is one of the best young players in the NBA. His ability to create his own shot and playmaker for his teammate has allowed him to put up some extraordinary numbers. There have been many people comparing Luka Doncic to former legends, such as Larry Bird. However, 3-time champion Toni Kukoc has compared Luka Doncic to himself and suggested that Doncic's style is how he played in Europe, before joining the Chicago Bulls.

When I played in Europe, that was exactly the way I played. When I got to the Bulls, obviously that position was more or less reserved for Scottie. He was the one besides Ron Harper, bringing the ball forward, being that small forward, point forward let's say.

There were times when I would get the rebound, I had the freedom to bring the ball up. If Harp wasn't playing or if Scottie wasn't playing or if Dennis wasn't playing. I always had a carte blanche from coaches, from Phil to handle the ball, to bring the ball up.

While Toni Kukoc had a different role on the Chicago Bulls than Luka Doncic does on the Dallas Mavericks, Kukoc was a playmaker who had size and scoring ability, just like Doncic. While Luka Doncic has already surpassed Toni Kukoc in terms of individual numbers/accomplishments, perhaps one day he can emulate the team success Kukoc had, and bring the Dallas Mavericks a championship.