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Under Armour Releases New Commercial After Stephen Curry Breaks Ray Allen's 3-PT Record: "To Know What A Perfect Shot Feels Like, You Gotta Make Your First Shot."

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Stephen Curry set a new record for the most three-pointers in NBA history last night at Madison Square Garden. He surpassed Ray Allen's record after knocking down his second triple five minutes into the game.

Immediately after the record-breaking performance shoe brand Under Armour released a new commercial, celebrating Curry's greatness in the process.

"To know what a perfect shot feels like. You have to earn that. The real work is what people don't see, hours and hours and reps. Perfecting that craft, I know the feeling that flows to the top of the release, and then you just gotta let the rest go. People say 'what do you think about when you shoot?' I'm like, 'absolutely nothing.'"

Understandably, people seek insight into how Curry manages to be that effective, and the All-Star has reiterated that consistency and hard work does the trick. He passed the same message in the commercial, pointing out that there is a lot of reps going on behind the scenes.

Steph has been dubbed the greatest shooter of all time for a while now, but it is official seeing that he now holds the record. His three-point shooting has been impeccable over the years, helping the Golden State Warriors win three championships in five seasons.

The Warriors are arguably the best team in the league right now with a 23-5 record and are atop the Western Conference standings. Coming into the season, not many expected the Warriors to be this impressive, but they have been brilliant so far, even as they still anticipate the return of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman.

Curry signed a deal with Under Armour in 2013 and has been with the organization since then. Although his contract is valid until 2024, the value of the deal is unknown, as reports suggest that he might have become a shareholder with his latest deal with the shoe company.

So far this season, Steph has been incredible. He is averaging 26.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, 6.1 assists, and is playing much better defense. If he continues shooting at such an efficient clip, he could reach 400+ three-pointers this season.