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Video: Dallas Mavericks Fans Fight After Mavericks-Clippers Game 3

mavs fans

Dallas Mavericks fans were anything but happy with their team suffering their first loss in their first-round playoffs series. A game that started pretty well for Rick Carlisle's team ended up in a painful defeat in front of the Los Angeles Clippers. 

After being 19 points down in the first quarter, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George took care of things lifted the Clippers past the Mavs, scoring a 118-108 win as visitors. They combined for 65 points, surpassing the 44 that Luka dropped on them. 

Following the game, some fans were spotted fighting at the Americans Airlines Center, throwing hands before somebody stepped in and broke the fight. 

The most curious part of this is that all three fans wore a Luka Doncic jersey, making things more bizarre. 

It's unclear what started this whole confrontation, but the tension was immense between these two fans. They didn't have more options than to go at it before somebody decided that wasn't cool. 

Despite the loss, the Mavericks are still leading the series, although they have no chance of sweeping the Clippers anymore. Game 4 is scheduled for Sunday night, with the Clips again obligated to win. A 3-1 deficit would be incredibly hard to overcome.