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Video: Juwan Howard Hits Wisconsin Men's Basketball Assistant Coach In Face After Loss

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Video: Juwan Howard Hits Wisconsin's Men's Basketball Assistant Coach In Face After Loss

There is no question that there are times during games when people, whether it be fans, coaches, or players lose their cool and end up getting into physical altercations. It seems as though this happened during the recent Michigan-Wisconsin game.

Towards the end of the game between Michigan and Wisconsin, coach Juwan Howard was caught on video taking a swipe at assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft. That in turn created the circumstances for the huge fight that is later seen in the video, involving multiple players from both teams.

Juwan Howard later explained what led to the altercation between him and the assistant coach, claiming that the assistant coach touched him while he was addressing the head coach, which he claimed was "uncalled for".

Basically, I addressed the head coach that "I will remember that" because of the time out. For someone to touch me, I think that was very uncalled for for him to touch me as we were verbalizing and communicating with one another... that's what escalated it.

It is easy to see why one would be frustrated with someone touching them without their permission, especially during a loss such as this. It is understandable that Juwan Howard was frustrated and the assistant coach touching him escalated things. However, physical violence is never acceptable, and this is an example of it. While Howard's hit wasn't necessarily a full-on punch, he still made contact with the opposing coach's face.

It remains to be seen what sort of sanctions the NCAA will impose on Juwan Howard. Hopefully, we see some sort of resolution to the situation. While some people have stated that Juwan Howard deserves to be fired, it seems as though one incident shouldn't be the reason for that happening. The Michigan basketball team currently has a 14-11 record, with a solid 8-3 record at home. He is also part of the Michigan Fab Five and has a history with the university. We will see what happens with this situation in the coming weeks.