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Video: LeBron James Embraced LaVar Ball Before Pre-Game Warm-Ups At The Drew League

Video: LeBron James Embraced LaVar Ball Before Pre-Game Warm-Ups At The Drew League

An opportunity to watch LeBron James play basketball is not one that people pass up on, so when the King announced that he was going to make a return to the Drew League, many flocked to the gym at King/Drew Magnet High School. James did not disappoint his fans either, finishing with 42 points to go with 16 rebounds in what was an incredible performance, and his team did end up winning 104-102.

One of the many notable attendees of the game was LaVar Ball, and while there might have been some tension between them in the past, the two hugged it out before pre-game warm-ups.

They had clashed in the past, notably when LaVar made some comments about LeBron's kids, which led to an angry response from James. All that seems well in the past if this long embrace was anything to go by, and it's good that they have buried the hatchet. 

LaVar might not be in the spotlight now as much as he was during his son Lonzo's rookie year, but that doesn't mean he is any less outspoken. The founder of the Big Baller Brand, LaVar, called out to Kyrie Irving amidst rumors of Nike not extending his shoe deal and asked the star guard to team up with him at BBB. We doubt Kyrie accepts the offer, but what he definitely would accept is a reunion with LeBron.

A trade to the Lakers is what Irving wants at the moment, but the saga is dragging on. Recent reports indicate that a three-team deal involving the San Antonio Spurs is the most likely outcome, but the Lakers would have to give up those draft picks that they desperately want to hold on to. LeBron doesn't care about some draft pick in 2027, however, he wants the team to get the deal done so that they can seriously compete for a championship this upcoming season.