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We Have Seen Every Combination Of Kevin Durant, James Harden, And Russell Westbrook

(via Hoopschemistry)

(via Hoopschemistry)

When James Harden was traded from the Thunder back in 2012, nobody could have guessed how things would turn out 9+ seasons later.

Not only has "the Beard" experience life as the lone-man for the Rockets, he also got to reunite with his old teammates, Russell Westbrook and then Kevin Durant, in a turn of events nobody saw coming.

In fact, Harden's latest move to the Nets completes an interesting cycle for the trio, which we can now say we've seen every possible combination of.

Harden, Durant, and Westbrook were once teammates on the Thunder together before the Thunder infamously traded No. 13 to save themselves some money.

After the trade, the "big three" became a "big two" with KD and Russ. As Harden would go on to establish a name in Houston as their lone star, Durant would eventually be the next to depart OKC, leaving Westbrook to work alone.

Last season, even Russ would find his way out of the franchise, reuniting with Harden in Houston before Harden would end up forcing his way to Brooklyn to re-join Durant.

It's all a bit confusing, but when you include Durant's short stint in Brooklyn this season without help from Harden, Russ, or Kyrie, the whole situation kind of becomes amazing.

We really have seen all possible combinations of this group -- in a trio, in duos, and even solo.

The question is: which will go down as the most successful? No doubt, the 2021 Brooklyn Nets look pretty good, but can they make the Finals like the 2012 Thunder did?

We'll find out soon enough...