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When Kevin Hart Gave LeBron James $40 To Sign With Philadelphia 76ers: "He Said 'Kiss My A**'"

When Kevin Hart Gave LeBron James $40 To Sign With Philadelphia 76ers: "He Said 'Kiss My A**'"

Comedian/actor Kevin Hart is a huge Philadelphia 76ers fan who wants to see them thrive at any cost. The Hollywood star knows a couple of NBA superstars and doesn't hesitate to use his influence to favor his team, although that rarely works for him. 

Back in 2018, when LeBron James decided to end his second tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Sixers were one of the teams rumored to be among James' options to continue his career. That's when everybody got to work to recruit Bron, including his friend, Kevin Hart. 

During a chat with TMZ Sports in 2018, the actor revealed he did his part in trying to bring LeBron to Philly, but the then 3x NBA champion wasn't feeling Hart's attempts to lure him to the City of Brotherly Love. He even sent money to the player to convince him, but LeBron didn't appreciate that gesture.

"Kevin says he definitely put on for his hometown, trying to get LeBron to make a move ... but that LeBron's response was not very promising.

"'He said kiss his ass.'

"Hart said he only sweetened the deal with 40 bucks (c'mon Kev), but when we asked seriously he says no city has a real shot at LeBron, because Hart believes he'll stay put.

"'I don't see him leaving, other people think he will ... I don't see him going nowhere.'"

In the end, James took his talents to Los Angeles convinced by his wife Savannah. Besides the Lakers and the Sixers, the Houston Rockets were another team linked with Bron. 

Kevin's attempts didn't do the job for the Sixers, but he felt he did a good job trying to convince LeBron to team up with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons at Wells Fargo Center. Imagine if he mentored the young duo or if he was with them during the heartbreaking 2019 NBA playoffs. 

The Sixers would have been in a different position right now, as well as the Lakers. Still, The King joined the Purple and Gold, winning the championship in his second season with the squad, proving he made the right choice.