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When Rajon Rondo Faked A Lob To LeBron James And LeBron Tried To Block The Shot: "This Is Funny As Hell."

When Rajon Rondo Faked A Lob To LeBron James And LeBron Tried To Block The Shot: "This Is Funny As Hell."

LeBron James and Rajon Rondo go way back. Before becoming good teammates for the Los Angeles Lakers, the two were fierce rivals when Rondo used to play for the Boston Celtics and LeBron for the Miami Heat.

Since the two teams that they played for were rivals, it made sense both of them kind of hated each other. But that changed when Rondo decided to join the L.A. Lakers and become a teammate of LeBron James.

In their first season together, it took them some time to adjust to each other's playing style. But during the Lakers' 2020 championship run, Rondo and LeBron worked smoothly with each other.

Their amazing partnership was one of the reasons why the Lakers could win the title in the 2019-20 NBA season. Speaking of that season, during one game against the Atlanta Hawks, LeBron and Rondo shared a hilarious moment on the court.

After Rondo got a rebound, he ran a fastbreak with James matching him step for step. Knowing LBJ is freakishly athletic and an amazing dunker of basketball, most expected Rondo to lob the ball to him. But Rondo faked the lob and went in for a layup instead.

This led to James hilariously trying to block his teammate's shot. Of course, James truly didn't intend to block the shot.

Seeing such plays isn't uncommon when a team is winning by a huge margin. But that game was incredibly competitive and close. So a play like this once again proved that LBJ and Rondo shared great chemistry when they played with each other.

But after winning the ring with the L.A. Lakers, Rondo left the team. He did return for a brief time during the start of the 2021-22 NBA season, but was soon traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Regardless, it was amazing to see two players with very high IQ share the court together, albeit for a small amount of time. If Rondo and James played together during the primes of their respective careers, one might wonder if they could have won many rings together? We will never know.